What do you do when you need to pick up something to a client or customer in a hurry? When a time-sensitive shipment requires more than just next day pick up? When does it need to arrive there as soon as it possibly can? You contact Capital Express Lines and choose our same-day pick up service. We are one simple phone call away and then we can offer you the experience, expertise and benefit from our  professional drivers.

Based in Southern Ontario, Serving Beyond

We are a Canadian company based in Southern Ontario, but we offer our services not just within the surrounding area, but all of Ontario. Obviously, there are limitations, but we can discuss them more fully when you get in contact with us.

Affordable and Very Competitive Rates

We know that not all businesses and clients have dispensable budgets that mean they can just throw away money even on those important same-day pick up. This is why we have created a pricing structure for our services which means you can stay within budget while benefitting from a top-quality service delivered by a company that really knows what it is doing.

Even if you only give us short notice, we can offer same-day pick up for those important packages.


When you choose Capital Express Lines over other logistics companies out there, that’s exactly what you get. A team consisting of individuals who have many years of experience and expertise in the field that we are all passionate about. Our drivers have full and clean licences. You don’t want to spend your money and put your trust into our organization for us to miss a deadline or allow something to happen to your cargo, and we don’t expect you to.

That is why we utilize the very best in the available technology the industry has to offer. We can provide you with live tracking, so you always know how close your package is to its destination and if there are any, for unforeseeable reasons, delays. We also keep in close contact with our drivers and receive regular updates from them,

What’s more, the fleet of vehicles we use to carry out our same-day pick up service are well-maintained and roadworthy. We don’t believe in just cutting corners and sending out your important deliveries in the hands of delivery drivers that are not experienced or using vehicles that are in bad need of replacing.


When you invest in time-sensitive deliveries and choose Capital Express Lines for that privilege, we don’t believe in just simply delivering what you expect. We have a firm and long-established reputation for going above the call of duty with every package and cargo entrusted to us. Whether it is big or small, we will often deliver well in advance of the time it was expected, even if it is the same day pick up.

Therefore, if you want to deliver something within the next day you organize the shipment, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team here at Capital Express Lines.

All you need to do is tell us what you would like to deliver, where we are going to pick it up from and where it needs to be and by when. If for any reason we can offer exactly what you are looking for, we will do our utmost to come to an arrangement that suits your needs.

Order Online

If you are looking to order or book our logistics service, just make an online order. We offer straight trucking service with trucks and trailers that are monitored with a 24/7 tracking system. You can easily place orders and track the progress of your shipment.

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