We understand, whether you are a new and fledgling business looking to scale up or do not have the necessary warehouse space just yet to deal with increased demand you are experiencing from customers, that you may need to look to a third-party warehousing and distribution company.

At Capital Express Lines in Vaughan & Etobicoke, we have  purpose-built warehousing and distribution facilities that we use to provide our customers involved in importing goods with a Canadian-based warehouse and transportation hub.

When you work with us, this modern and fully equipped warehouse transportation facility becomes a dedicated extension of your own business property, meaning you get the benefit of many great features. These key features include:

  • Convenient and safe storage
  • Fully live and monitored inventory control
  • Efficient distribution and transportation services that stand out from the crowd of third-party warehousing and distribution companies

As a company that has spent a lot of time as a leading name in the freight management and distribution industry, we have the knowledge, resources and manpower to store, arrange and distribute your goods and shipments when its time for them to leave our premises for their final destination. We will fulfil your orders and treat them as our own goods and products.

Capital Express Lines has really flourished as a business we believe because we have the dedicated team, the skills and the knowhow to go above and beyond for our customers. In doing so and because customer experience and satisfaction is our main priority, much of the continued work we receive is through customer referrals.

Our Third-Party Warehousing and
Distribution Service

When we take on the responsibility of managing your warehousing and distribution, including everything related to inventory, order processing and eventual distribution.

As part of our suite of warehouse transportation services we will:

  • All specialized parts handling, packaging, labelling and crating, as well as merchandise consolidation and bespoke order processing
  • Sequence and distribute your shipments promptly
  • Manage your inventory balances in real-time and keep track of back-order status so that you always fulfil your orders and can manage them at every step of the way
  • We will track the inventories, be able to trace your orders as and when necessary and review each individual warehouse transaction and be able to provide delivery status for all orders
  • Produce comprehensive management reports that records information such as sales history (by shipping orders, daily completed and customer or part number), out of stock reports and the status of all stock kept at our facility on your behalf.
  • Our flexible and scalable operation means we can customize our warehouse & distribution services to meet your unique processing, handling and transportation needs.
  • Maintain a safe, secure and clean facility with an extensive network of well-placed closed-circuit cameras around the exterior and interior
  • A full pallet control and returns system

Partner with Capital Express Lines for Your Warehouse and Distribution Needs Today

If you do not have the space to store, process and distribute goods and products from, and are looking for competitive rates to keep your overheads down, speak to Capital Express Lines today. We are constantly improving the technology we use and the tried and tested methods we have in place to offer the best third-party warehousing and distribution we possibly can.

We understand that no two companies and their unique needs are never the same, which is why we do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, we will work with you to provide the goods and shipment management service you need, so that your customers are always happy and satisfied.

The way we see it – when your customers are happy and satisfied, you are happy and satisfied, which makes us feel happy and fully satisfied that we have exceeded your expectations.

Capital Express Lines
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