17 September 2020 Trucking

What is Trucking Efficiency?

When you run a trucking business, when time and money are so influential and how successful your operations are or aren’t, it is important to get the best out of your fleet. The most crucial way you can do this is by regularly assessing your trucking efficiency and performance.

What is trucking efficiency, though? Trucking efficiency basically refers to how many miles you can cover without using more fuel than is necessary. The impact trucking inefficiency can have on the cost of performance of your operations is something you should not dismiss. Little changes here and there can make all the difference to your profit margins and even the experience your customers have using your services.

How can you achieve better trucking efficiency then? In the post, we are going to look at several things you can do.

Make Proper Use of Accurate Truck Scales

Often transportation and logistics companies make the mistake of having their truck scales in a different location to where they load and unload cargo. By having truck scales in the same place, so that you can weigh your vehicles while they are unloaded and loaded, you can streamline and quicken up your entire operation.

Carry Out Regular Maintenance Checks, Repairs and Cleaning

Well-maintained and clean trucks are more efficient trucks. Therefore, it is vital to regularly run maintenance checks and repairs on the trucks in your fleet as well as keeping them clean. Parts that specifically need the most attention are the tires, air filters and the oil. All vehicles should be assessed as being roadworthy before they can leave, whether they are delivering cargo or picking it up.

In line with the above, it is also important to ensure your truck scales are in good working order and well-maintained, to get the best and most accurate results.

Utilize Fleet Tracking Tools

One of the biggest issues facing many larger transportation and haulage firms it seems is keeping track of the numerous drivers and different shipments they have coming and going. That is why you must utilize some of the great tracking systems available. One that has GPS that allows you to know exactly where your fleet is and whether they are moving or not is good for monitoring just how effective your operations are. It means you can identify areas where improvements could be made, such as the speed the trucks are driving at, the amount of time they are spent idling and taking breaks and a lot more.

Having tracking software in all the trucks in your fleet also means you can provide better customer service, informing your customers where exactly their cargo is and how long it will be until it is delivered.

Ensure Loading is Strictly Professional

The trucks in your fleet are carrying tons and tons of products and cargo over many hundreds of miles. The last thing you want is for drivers to overload them from taking unnecessary personal items with them while they are on the job.

The best way to avoid this is to have strict rules about what they can take in the cabin with them and develop a culture within your company that drivers only take the designated delivery cargo.

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